A List Of What Can And Cannot Be Syndicated With RSS Subscription

A List Of What Can And Cannot Be Syndicated With RSS Subscription

Below is a current list of what can and cannot be syndicated with the blog tool. Some of this will change as we continue to make updates. When those updates are released, we will update this list.


Accordion ElementN
Activity Stream ElementN
Album Gallery ElementN
Audio ShortcodeY
Blog & News List ElementN
Broadcast History ElementN
Button ElementN
Call To Action ElementN
Contact Form ElementN
Content Discovery ElementN
Contest List ElementN
Empty Space ElementN
Event Display ElementN
Facebook Like ElementN
FAQ ElementsN
Feature Rotator ElementN
Flash Player ElementN
Flickr ElementN
Google Maps ElementN
Google+ ElementN
Headline Ticker ElementN
Header Text ElementN
Hover Box ElementN
Icon ElementN
Last Played ElementN
Layout ElementsY
Message Box ElementN
On-Air Now ElementN
Photo Gallery ElementN
Pinterest ElementN
Polls ElementN
Polls List ElementN
Program Schedule Grid ElementN
Program Schedule List ElementN
Raw HTML ElementN
Raw Javascript ElementN
Row ElementY
RSS ElementN
Search Bar ElementN
Scheduled Content ElementN
Section ElementY
Separator ElementY
Separator With Text ElementY
Single Image ElementY
Social Button Bar ElementN
Social Icon ElementN
Soundcloud ElementY
Tabs ElementN
Text Block ElementY
Tour ElementN
Video Gallery ElementN
Video Player ElementY
Weather ElementN
YouTube Playlist ElementN
ZigZag Separator ElementY


  1. Blog Category Custom Header & Footer HTML: No. Although you can go into the syndicated version of the blog category on the consuming website, and edit the blog customer header and footer HTML there.
  2. Blog Featured Image : Yes. While the blog featured image will appear in the blog widget when selecting a syndicated category, the featured image WILL NOT appear within the syndicated blog itself if one of the following options were chosen (full width, left wrap, right wrap). As a workaround, you can go into the syndicated version of the blog and edit the featured image settings.

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