Ad Extension- Display Ad Sizes & Specifications

Ad Extension- Display Ad Sizes & Specifications




Mobile Web/App (Smartphone)



Ads will be served on Laptop and Desktop

Ads will be served on smartphone

Ads will be served on tablet

Standard Size (WxH in pixels)

160x600, 300x250, 728x90, 300x600*

320x50, 300x50, 300x250

160x600, 300x250, 728x90

Rising star

970x90, 970x250 (Billboard), 300x1050 (Portrait), 300x600 to 300x3000 (Flimstrip)


In App


320x50, 300x250


(Between the page)


300x250, 320x480, 480x320

1024x768, 768x1024

Maximum Expanded Dimensions
(WxH in pixels) & Aspect Ratio

300x250 to 600x250, 160x600 to 600x600,728x90 to 728x360, 300x600 to 600x600

App : 320x50 to 320x480, 300x50 to 300x250

App :768x90 to 768x1024,1024x90 to 1024x768


JPEG, GIF, Standard HTML5*****, Complex HTML5**

JPEG, GIF, Standard HTML5*, Complex HTML5**

Accepted Clicktags

clickTag and clickTAG [Flash Version 8/10, Action Script Version 2/3]


Max Initial File Load Size Allowance

Flash/image: 40 KB Recommended HTML5: 100KB Recommended Also Accepted: 200KB****


Subsequent Max Polite File Load Size

Unlimited if streaming video within the ad unit

Interstitial: 2.2MB
Unlimited if streaming video within the ad unit


Max Animation & Video Frame Rate

24 FPS

Max Animation &video Length

30 seconds or less (loops included);
15 seconds recommended ; maximum 3 loops

30 seconds or less (loops included);
15, 10 or 7 seconds recommended ; maximum 3 loops

30 seconds or less (loops included);
15 seconds recommended; maximum 3 loops

Audio Initiation

Audio must be user-initiated (on click: mute/un-mute); default state is muted

Minimum Required Controls

Expandable Creative:
Control = "Close X" on expanded panel and "Expand" on collapsed panel
Font = 8pt (11px) - 16pt (21px)

Retract Feature = Either click to close/expand or enable mouse-off retraction

In-Banner Video**:
Video must include: Play, Pause, Mute (and/or volume control to 0). Note: A close button is not required as the video resides within the ad unit itself

Controls = Play, Pause, Mute (and/or volume control to 0)

Video may be played in native player which has standard controls

Third party adserving

All major adservers. Doubleclick, Eyereturn, MediaMind, AdGear, Trueffect, Pointroll and others


Min 3 business days before campaign start

Implementation Notes
& Best Practices

  1. For times when the user's browser does not support creative functionality (i.e. Flashâ„¢, Standard & Complex HTML5), provide a standard backup image file.

  2. Ads are required to contain sufficient brand notification. I.e. Banners should include advertiser's brand name or logo in the ads, so that users know which website they will be led to once an ad is clicked.

  3. Landing page should include a privacy policy to avoid creative rejections by premium publishers.

  4. Landing page must be crawlable. (To allow Google crawler on your page, you can add User-Agent: AdsBot-Google to your domain's robots.txt)

Additional Notes

Standard Sizes

  • For additional sizes, please contact your sales rep or adops

Complex HTML5, Expandable Creative & In-Banner Video

  • *Must be third party tags

Additional third party adserving

  • **Please contact your sales rep or adops

Dynamic creative

  • **Please contact your sales rep or adops

Max Initial File Load Size Allowance

  • ***We also accept 200KB for flash/image and HTML5 creatives, but in order to take advantage of all exchanges and publishers 40KB (image) and 100KB (HTML5) are highly recommended


  • ****Please refer to the HTML5 tab and follow the requirements

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

All tags, pixels & librairies must be secure (https) or protocol agnostic. Failure to provide secure or protocol agnostic tags, pixels & librairies may result in delivery issues.

Last Updated Version

January 2018

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