The main page you land on after clicking on 'Authors' is for general settings that affect posts syndicated from any feed unless they are overridden by settings for that specific feed.
  1. If you wish to make changes for a specific feed/blog category, and not for ALL feeds, then use the drop-down at the top of the page to select the feed you want to make the changes for.
  2. The choices you make here, will affect all feeds that are being syndicated to your station. (the feeds you added under 'Sources')
  3. For the most part, these settings do not need to be edited or changed, and should only be edited or changed by a website or company admin.
  4. Most of the options on this page are straightforward, however if you have any questions, please reach out to the support desk.
  5. The parts you'll want to pay attention to most on this page, will be the 'Unmatched Authors' section.

Syndicated Authors

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