Blogs & News: Inspiration & Ideas

Blogs & News: Inspiration & Ideas

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  • All users who have 'Blog' permissions
  • This is applicable to all SoCast Themes

Below are some tips and tools to help inspire your blogs

  1. Micro-Blog Trending Content : Micro-blogging is a portable form of content; it’s shareable, quick to read and people have to go to your website to see it. For a list of popular RSS Feeds that display trending/viral content and top stories go HERE
    1. Post small amounts of digital content (text, pictures, links, short videos)
    2. Add a captivating featured Image
    3. Have an inviting headline
    4. Create Influencer Lists : Build lists of key Twitter accounts (e.g. bands, fans, local personalities) that share great content, and use that content as inspiration for your next blog
  2. Blog Around A Theme :  Pick topics that can be re-shared or used over:
    1. Seasonal : Christmas, Prom, Back To School, Halloween
    2. Guides/Lists : Best places to eat or drink, patio guides, permanent attractions
    3. Hot Topics : Topics that are popular and gaining attention, that will be around for awhile. Think: Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, Star Wars, Sports teams, Elections, Awards Shows etc
  3. Blog Around Your Shows:
    1. Create a blog that goes in-depth on a topic that was discussed on air
    2. Create a blog with behind the scenes content or interviews with guests from your show
  4. Add Social Embeds : Add embedded content to your blog post to make it more comprehensive and visually appealing
    1. Videos : Youtube, Facebook videos
    2. Music/Interview Clips : Include Soundcloud files of new music, interviews and show clips
    3. Twitter Posts/Moments : Embed Twitter posts or a Twitter moment that is related to your blog
    4. Photos : Embed photos from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr
    5. Gifs/Memes: Post memes that are relevant to your brand or audience.
  5. Amplify Your Blog Via Social Networks :
    1. Use the SoCast SRM Tool : To share your blog to Twitter and Facebook .
    2. Pinterest : Create boards based on your blog categories and pin your blogs to those boards
    3. Instagram : Post a captivating image to Instagram, and tell your followers to check your site for the blog
    4. Scheduling : Schedule your blogs to go out to your social networks when your audience is at it's peak (Ex. Morning Show)

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