Clone New Pages

Clone New Pages

This Article Is For:

  1. All users who have access to: Pages
  2. This is applicable to: All themes


  1. Cloned pages must always be edited before publishing them
  2. Blog List Widget when cloned will have “All Categories” selected, please edit before publishing

What Is Page Cloning?

Page cloning allows you to take an existing page, and create a copy of it for either your current account/station or for another account/station under your company.

Use cases for this feature include :

  • Website building (so you don’t have to create the same page over and over)

  • Templates. For creating similar or recurring content.

How To Guide:

  1. Page Selection: Select one or more pages to clone to the account destination(s) selected below.

  2. Cloning Notes:

    1. A page can be cloned as a draft to template recurring or similar content within your account, and/or to other account(s) within your company

    2. Cloned version is not synced from the original (is updated independently)

    3. Cloned version can be edited and deleted

    4. All widgets and custom HTML are cloned from the original

    5. Side bar and location in the website and/or mobile app menus cannot be cloned from the original, and will need to be configured separately in the account destination(s)

  3. Page: Using the drop-down select a page to clone. Alternatively, start typing the name of a page to bring it up.

  4. Cloned Page Title: Customize the title of the cloned page as it will appear in the account destination(s).

  5. Click ‘Add Page To Clone’

  6. Pages To Clone : Manage the selected pages to clone.

    1. Click the [X] beside a page to remove it from the list

  7. Account Destinations : Select the account(s) within this company to clone the selected pages to.

    1. Accounts: Using the drop-down select an account/station to clone the page to.

    2. Click the ‘clone’ button

Cloning Widgets

This is a list of widgets that are cloned exactly as they appear from the originating account :

  1. Facebook Like Button

  2. Text Block

  3. Icon (Without Link)

  4. Message Box

  5. Separator

  6. ZigZag Separator

  7. Separator with Text

  8. Google+ Button

  9. Pinterest

  10. FAQ

  11. Tabs

  12. Tour

  13. Accordion

  14. Button

  15. Call to Action

  16. Video Player

  17. Raw HTML

  18. Raw JS

  19. Flickr Widget

  20. Empty Space

  21. Album Gallery

  22. Blog & News List (Category will be 'All Categories')

  23. Broadcast History

  24. Content Discovery (Category will be 'All Categories')

  25. Contest List

  26. Event Display (Calendar will be 'All Calendars')

  27. Google Map

  28. Header Text

  29. Headline Ticker (Category will be 'All Categories')

  30. Last Played

  31. Poll List (Poll Group will be 'All Group')

  32. Program Schedule Grid

  33. Program Schedule List

  34. Social Button Bar

  35. Social Icons

  36. Soundcloud

  37. Weather

  38. YouTube Playlist

  39. Classified List of Categories

  40. Classified Search Form

  41. Listings By Category

  42. PromoSuite Next Contest List Feed

  43. PromoSuite Next Contest Rules

  44. PromoSuite Next Contest Winners

  45. PromoSuite Next Event List

  46. PromoSuite Next Storm Closings

This is a list of widgets that are cloned as empty and need to be manually edited :

  1. Hover Box

  2. Single Image

  3. Activity Stream

  4. Contact Form

  5. Feature Rotator

  6. Photo Gallery

  7. Poll

  8. Video Gallery

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