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  • Must have admin access to your company's iContact or iContact Pro Account

The SoCast email system is currently integrated with MailChimp iContact and iContact Pro, and PromoSuite. Our features allow you to create subscription groups and filters, which then sync to the third party integration. Once synced, this allows you to create, edit and send emails to the subscription groups or filters that were created within SoCast.

For any client looking for more info feel free to use the following email template:

"Happy to help with additional information.
We have three options for email that work within SoCast.
The first is PromoSuite. This is our preferred partner and the main reason for this is we have embedded widgets within our platform that will help sync your forms and newsletter sign up directly into your promosuite account. Once this is set up you can send email newsletters to your subscribers, collect emails when users sign up to your website or mobile app, feature unlimited number of emails sent and unlimited subscribers database at a flat rate. You will have a third party API login to PromoSuite to manage the emails, forms, and newsletters further.

The pricing for this is PromoSuite Mail: $45 USD (licensed by SoCast) or PromoSuite Next: $110 USD.
We also have email set up with the third party API's MailChimp and iContact. For both of these you will need to sign up with them directly, and they will be able to get you set up with the correct pricing and packages needed. What we will do is connect this API which will then add the emails signed up through your SoCast website into whichever third party platform you choose, and you can manage them from there. For further details please see the links below:
Let me know if you have any further questions regarding any of the three options provided!"

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