How can I import historical website content? (Content Import)

How can I import historical website content? (Content Import)

SoCast provides historical content import for 1 file per website during onboarding and prior to website launch.

For more information on historical content import contact your Client Success Onboarding Associate or SoCast Support at
  • Only ‘Post’ Content (not pages) Imports are supported at this time

  • SoCast will not manually manipulate files- they must meet requirements as listed below

  • Files will be imported exactly as received/formatted

  • MP3/Audio Embeds will not be imported- Only text and images are supported

  • Files should contain no more than 10k posts at maximum

  • 1 Review will be provided to confirm file has been imported successfully

  • Content Imports must be fully completed/reviewed a minimum of 2 business days before your expected website launch date

In order to successfully import your historical content into the SoCast, we can only accept one of the following formats;

  1. Wordpress Export XML file (you may wish to use this simple extension to export from you previous Wordpress website ) ( Sample export file attached for reference )

  2. An XML Feed (RSS) Enabled URL for import ( Sample file attached below for reference )

  3. XML File formatted to the specific format below

In either case for #2 or #3, the HTML data must be encapsulated in CDATA sections :

(As explained here : )

The term CDATA means, Character Data. CDATA is defined as blocks of text that are not parsed by the parser, but are otherwise recognized as markup.

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