SoCast Client Preparation List

SoCast Client Preparation List




Account Names

Full names of the radio stations, regions or networks

Company Administrator

Names and Emails of users responsible for administering accounts

Network Admin Contact

Name and email of first point of contact for DNS and Amazon SES changes

Facebook App ID (optional)

Enables social tracking, such as Facebook likes. Provide ID if already created, otherwise SoCast will provide support


Account or Station Logos

  • Scalable vector files (AI, EPS, PS) or
  • High resolution artwork with transparent backgrounds (PSD, PDF, PNG)

Brand Guidelines and Other Assets

Program Assets, such as high resolution personality photos, logos etc. for web template development

Site Header Logo

Site Header Logo Image (302x122)

Site Header Background (optional)

Background Image for site (960x150)

Site Background Colour

Background colour hex code (web template design)


Current Website URLs

Websites to be redirected at SoCast platform after DNS changeover

Website Descriptions

Displayed in search results

Website Keywords

Meta tags for search results

Website Names

Displayed in the title of the website and search results

Report Abuse Email

SoCast provides template in training

Website Terms of Service

SoCast provides template in training

Website Privacy Statement

SoCast provides template in training

Blog Description (optional)

Same as website description

Social Media URLS

Facebook and Twitter accounts to be configured

Listen Live player information

URL of popup player

Ad Unit Information

Existing ad server set up information to configure:

  • Leaderboard Ad (768x90)
  • Big Box Ad (300x250)
  • Mobile Ad (300x50)
  • Blog Header Ad (640x125)
  • Interstitial Big Box Ad (300x250)
  • Light Box Sponsor Ad (300x50)

Content Migration

  • Content to be downloaded from existing website, and moved onto the SoCast Platform

Member Data

  • Username & Password
  • First & Last name
  • Email
  • Postal Code
  • Gender
  • Birthdate

Analytics Code

Google Analytics or Omniture code for tracking web views

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