How Can I Troubleshoot Facebook & Activity Streams?

How Can I Troubleshoot Facebook & Activity Streams?

This Article Is For:
  1. Users who have Activity Stream permissions

Confirm Facebook Page Admin Status

Before using the SoCast Platform, you need to have a confirmed Admin user role on every single Facebook page you want to connect.

  1. To confirm you are listed as an Admin on a Facebook page, go to that page within Facebook

  2. From your Feed, click on Pages in the left menu.

  3. Go to your Page and click Settings in the bottom left. *Note: If you still can't navigate to settings, then you are not an admin!

  4. Click on Page Roles in the left column.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Existing Page Roles"

  6. Your profile should show up as an admin.

  7. If you can’t access these settings, it means you are not an Admin, and you need to reach out to someone who is already listed as an Admin on that page to add you/update your role.

Confirm Facebook Page Settings

Before using the SoCast Platform, you need to confirm the settings on every single Facebook page you want to connect.

  1. There can be no restrictions on your Facebook page, if you want to use it via the API with the SoCast activity stream tool.

  2. This means, no Country Restrictions, Age Restrictions etc. Everything must be set to ‘visible to everyone’

Connect Your Facebook Personal Profile To SoCast

This needs to be the same user that is listed as an Admin on all of the Facebook pages you want to connect.

  1. Follow these steps to connect to the SoCast Platform:

  2. If you do not see all of your Facebook pages pulled into your Personal Social Settings:

    1. Click ‘refresh pages’ button

    2. Go back to Facebook and confirm your page role, and all of the page settings (for the pages that are missing)

Adding A Facebook Page To An Activity Stream

  1. To add a Facebook page to an Activity Stream, follow these steps:

  2. You can only add Facebook pages, that you personally have connected under your Personal Social Settings

Editing An Existing Activity Stream

  1. You can only remove a Facebook Page from an Activity Stream if you are listed as an Admin role on that page as well.

  2. If someone else added a Facebook Page to an Activity Stream, and you do not have access to that Facebook page, that page can never be removed from the activity stream.

Deleting An Activity Stream

  1. You can only delete Activity Streams that you personally have created or

  2. You need to be listed as an Admin on every single Facebook page, added to the existing Activity Stream in order to delete the entire stream.

If Your Activity Stream Is Not Updating

  1. Go to Social > Activity Streams and remove and re-add the Facebook page, post to that Facebook page and wait for 10mins for the cache to clear

  2. If above step doesn’t work, go to your personal social settings, and click ‘refresh pages’ button or remove and re-add your Facebook profile. Post to Facebook, wait 10mins for the cache to clear.

Other Notes

  1. If you change your password, or Facebook profile name etc, your connection to the SoCast Platform will be lost, you will need to click ‘refresh pages’ and/or remove and re-connect your Facebook profile.

  2. If your Facebook role or the Facebook page permissions change in any way, you may lose the ability to use or connect that Facebook page.

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