Why Are There Duplicate Images Appearing In My Blog Posts From 3rd Party RSS Feeds?

Why Are There Duplicate Images Appearing In My Blog Posts From 3rd Party RSS Feeds?

This Article Is For:

  1. Clients using the RSS Subscription Settings
  2. Clients who see 2 images within blog posts that are pulled from 3rd party feeds.

You may on occasion have duplicate images appear in blogs posts that been added as a 3rd party feed via the RSS Subscription system. This is because most 3rd party feeds do not provide a featured image, so we have to pull the image from the blog description in order to generate one.

However if there is already a featured image tag set by the feed, then 2 images may appear within the post.

If this issue occurs for you, please use this javascript, and it to the Blog Category Custom Header HTML.

  1. <script>
  2. $(document).ready( function() {
  3. let featuredImg = $('.content-header .media-container img').attr('src');
  4. $('article img').each(function(){
  5. if ($(this).attr('src') == featuredImg) {
  6. $(this).remove();
  7. }
  8. });
  9. });
  10. </script>

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